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Due to the recreational nature of the activities provided at our facilities they carry with them a considerable risk. Our job when focusing on safety is to mitigate these risks as much as possible and we do that by employing the following practices:


The technology with all of our equipment is built with safety in mind. The designs of our trampolines ensure that there is no exposed frame or springs for a participant to collide with. All of the frames are covered with foams thick enough to mitigate falls from a large height and the mats are also designed in a way that a participants foot cannot slip into any holes. With this setup it ensures that wherever the participant lands whilst jumping they will hit a soft surface even on a bad bounce. On top of this, we have a comprehensive maintenance schedule in place which routinely checks the condition of all equipment to make the neccesary replacements when required. If any equipment is found to be performing under the expected quality due to the natural wear and tear it is repaired or replaced in a prompt fashion.


Whilst the park is absolutely the place to let your inner child out, we do have a strict rule set in place to protect participants and once again mitigate the chance of injury from potentially high risk behaviours. The rules we have in place effect the safety not only of the individual but to the other participants also in the park. Our staff are quick to discipline any person who is breaking our rules to ensure once again that the environment is as safe as it can be.


The safety around our younger jumpers is one we take very seriously as these participants often will not have an understanding of rules, risk or safety. That is why we have dedicated areas exclusively for participants that are younger and have a mandatory process where they are amongst other older participants to be accompanied by a parent.


It is mandatory to wear Grip Socks on all of our trampoline equipment and inflatables. The Grip socks help to mitigate slipping hazards as they assist with gripping the participants material onto the plastic materials as well as providing hygiene to the numerous participants that enter our doors.



Even with all the preventative methods in place and multiple strategies implemented to mitigate risk, it is important to know that accidents and serious injuries can and have occured with us. From a statistical standpoint both our park and a lot of others that are utilising good industry practices have achieved an injury rate lower than common sports such as soccer. With that said though the “one in a million” injury can and will happen whilst participating in these activities as on average when you multiply the number of bounces people have during a 1 hour pass with the number of participants that visit us in the year over 234,000,000 indivdual bounces occur across one site. The same unusual landing that one person can simply walk off can be detremental to another persons health for life. It is important that participants understand that accidents are an occupational hazard of the activity and we can only mitigate the risks, not remove them completely.