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What time are your sessions?

On weekends our sessions run on the hour every hour! This means that if you arrive after the session starts you will have reduced time or be asked to wait for the next session. Depending on how busy we are, queue times can also impact how long waiting times are. To avoid waiting times, book online!

Do we have to wear any particular socks?

Grip Socks are compulsory! You must wear Grip Socks all activities. They are available for purchase at reception for $3.50 or you can use Grip Socks from another park. If you do purchase a ticket without Grip Socks you will be kicked off the arena and told to get Grip Socks.

Where can Children go if they are under 120cm

Kids under 120cm will be restricted from certain areas depending on the pass they have purchased. For general passes they will not be allowed onto the Performance Arena or Ninja Course. We have a dedicated Kiddies arena for all children under 120cm.

When are the inflatables open?

Our Inflatable field is only open from 09:00AM – 04:00PM Saturday, Sundays and School holidays. If you buy a multipass at 3PM or have a 2 hour party starting at 3PM we encourage customers to use the inflatables for the first hour so they can have an opportunity to maximise the value of their pass.

What is the age limit?

We have no age limit.  Children under 18 months are recommended to participate in our kids playgroup. Children outside of this age that purchase a trampoline or inflatable pass must be accompanied by a parent on the equipment at all times. The parents supervising pass is priced at the discounted rate of $7.50 and grants you access to all of the equipment your child is on.


What is the difference in the party options we offer?

The two party styles that we currently offer are catered parties where we take care of everything from start to finish or the BYO package which allow you to have control over the food aspect while we take care of the activities

Do we supply cake?

By default there is no cake included in your birthday package. We do offer a basic Cadbury Ice Cream cake that you can add onto your birthday party for $20.00, however if you would like something more lavish for your special one, you will have to bring your own. We have fridge space reserved to deliver when ready!

One of my guests has allergies, do we need to cater for them or can you?

Yes, we can cater to allergies. We just need to know in advance so that we can make arrangements!

We want to book the catered package but also want to bring additional food in too, is that ok?

Yes, if you have purchase a catered or BYO package with us you can bring your own food in.

We have some of our own themed decorations we want to bring in, when will we be able to set up and what decorations do you allow?

You are welcome to bring a variety of decorations except confetti or glitter. Access to the room is granted when your party starts unless there is no party in the room prior to yours. You can check with us 1 day prior to your party to see what time you would be able to access the room. Minimal decorations are recommended as the rooms come pre-decorated.

We are booking a BYO Party, can we order food to be delivered?

Yes of course, just make sure that the delivery time you select is for the end time of activities as the jumping time is only the first hour (or 2 for a 2 hour party) of the party. Our staff can assist with getting this correct, just give us a call!

How far in advance do I have to book a party?

We would recommend giving at least 10 days notice so that we can prepare for your party but please contact us if you have an urgency and we will be more than happy to help you.

How many kids can we invite?

As many as you’d like! We have a lot of space. For parties over 30 participants we will reserve a different space from our regular party rooms, feel free to give us a call to discuss!

What does a Party Host do?

The Party Host takes the stress out of your day by running the show for the kids and being their guide for the party duration. From corralling the kids, providing wrist bands and leading them to all the different arenas included to helping out during the food portion of the activities. For the younger ages the hosts are actively involved in facilitating activities and play and act as an assistant to the group for the older ones. If you have any activities or games you wish the host to run please advise us prior.

I want to do 2 hours of activities, can the kids eat in the middle?

Unfortunately no due to the sessions running on the hour and the risk of nausea from bouncing straight after eating! We require all food to be done at the commencement of activities for both catered and BYO parties.

What if some kids don't show up on the day, do I get a refund?

Yes, so long as the base payment is met (8 for BYO or 10 for catered) you will receive a refund for any numbers over the minimum, however you must keep the unused wrist bands to be handed back to reception.