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The classes here at Revolution Sports Park are split up into 2 categories determined by varying levels. Beginner marked Levels 1 & 2, Intermediate marked Levels 3 & 4. The grading is performed by the class teachers and is always being updated. For the latest information regarding the level system please see our Facebook which is where regular class updates are posted or feel free to contact us.

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Term 4 Timetable 2023

Spots are limited & bookings are essential. Please arrive 10 minutes before your class time.


The skills we teach are taken from gymnastics, trampolining, and functional fitness. Participants will be exposed to safe risk to enable their progress through the teaching curriculum and they will be taught how to strengthen their bodies to bolster their confidence, along with their growing skillset.


We teach bounces, shapes, twists and front & back skills.


Learn to launch into handsprings, tucks & rolls, handstands

Strength & Flexibility

Learn vaulting, swinging, traversing, jumping, climbing and running over all obstacles!


A focus on a strong core, mobile spines, and a lot of bilateral strength movements


Kindy Gym

Ages 3 - 5


Our Kindy Gym is the perfect start to getting your kids into sport and physical activity. They will learn the fundamentals of Gymnastics through games and activities that will develop their strength, flexibility and coordination. We encourage kids to be independent as much as possible, which means you don’t need to sit in the class with them giving you time to watch with a coffee. It is our goal to make physical activity a normal part of their everyday lives by making all activities exciting for them.

Junior Jumpers

Ages 5 - 7

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Junior Jumpers is the perfect after school activity to burn off that last bit of energy. They will do a combination of gymnastics and trampoline skills keeping them moving the entire time. The class teaches kids the fundamentals of Gymnastics, developing their coordination, strength, and flexibility, whilst having a ton of Fun!

Trampoline Class

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

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Our beginner classes introduces athletes to the fundamental gymnastics movements and shapes that will be the key to progressing to higher level skills such as saults. From learning front and back landings, cartwheels and handstands, athletes will develop a great range of flexibility, strength and balance whilst their love for bouncing continues to grow.

In our intermediate classes, we upgrade from handstands to handsprings and from rolls to front and back saults. Within this level athletes can gain confidence in their abilities as their aerial awareness continues to develop and skills are constantly advancing.

Within our advanced classes athletes can unlock their full potential. Using skills learnt in previous levels athletes can upskill to multi twists and saults and create their own unique combinations to suit their individual skill set.


Up to 5 years

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Revolution’s playgroup is designed for toddlers. While your little one plays you will have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a coffee or join in the fun. Playgroup start time is flexible, you can start any time during the 2 hours meaning you can work around your toddler. Revolution Playgroup is the perfect stepping stone into our Kindy gym as they gain confidence interacting with others.

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