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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are made between THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park) and you. For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, recreational activity will mean any sporting or leisure activity of any kind. Participation in recreational activities at Revolution Trampoline Sports Park carries with it considerable risk that can lead to serious personal injury or death. By purchasing a ticket to our venue or by using any of the facilities at our park you agree to be bound by our full Terms and Conditions. If you purchase a ticket on behalf of somebody else, then you are considered to be that person’s authorised agent and that person will be bound by the conditions of entry. Please read this agreement carefully.


It is important to note that recreational facilities within our centres carry with them a significant risk for serious injuries or death. All participation is voluntary and customers may cease continuance in the activities at any time. By purchasing or participating in any activities within our centre you are agreeing to be bound by the Company’s full Terms and Conditions.


The activities of tumbling, trampolining, gymnastics, parkour, wall running, acrobatics and any other free movement activities carry significant inherent risks. Even experienced individuals participating in a fully padded and safe environment can still sustain serious injuries including broken bones, spinal injuries, neck breaks, back injuries leading to paralysis and more up to and including death.


You understand the inherent risks associated with the recreational activities provided by THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park) and understand that as a consequence of these risks, serious personal injury or death can come as a result to you or a participant under your care.

You agree to release, discharge and forever hold harmless THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park), it’s employees, agents, directors and representatives from all liability, obligation and responsibility of any nature whatsoever for death, any losses, damages or injuries of any nature as a result of participating in the recreational activity provided by THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park).

Children 12 years and under in the Climb Park section must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

You agree to adhere to all park rules and conditions. The park supervisors reserve the right at their discretion to reject or cancel entry at any time, including but not limited to reasons of safety, insurance, or if in the opinion of the supervisors, the above mentioned participants are unfit to participate in the park activities for any reason.

Photos, movies or videos may be recorded by THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park) of you for security and promotional purposes. You consent to these images and videos being taken and used at the discretion of THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park).

You understand that attendance in the park activities is voluntary and exclusively at your own risk and at all times you have the option to withdraw from the activities.

You agree to authorise THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park) to take all steps it considers reasonable in order to protect your welfare and the welfare of those in your control in the event of an injury, including the administration of medical treatment or medical transportation and agree to reimburse THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park) for any costs they incurred as a result. Alternatively any costs you incur due to medical treatment or medical transportation (ambulance transport) are your costs to pay and not the responsibility of THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park).

Children less than 12 years old must have a responsible adult or guardian remain in the park with them at all times. When you are responsible for such children you agree to be bound by these conditions on their behalf and for participants under 120cm you will be required to directly supervise them at all times. For parents that wish to participate with a child under 120cm they can do so at the reduced fee of $5.00. For parents that don’t pay this fee they will not be permitted to join their child on any of the activities.

For safety reasons, participants must be in good health and free from any adverse medical conditions. For safety, pregnant women, customers wearing casts or persons exceeding 130kg will not be permitted to use the parks recreation facilities. Any participants with a serious past or current medical condition may be refused involvement in certain activities by staff for their own safety, a medical clearance by a doctor would be required to ensure there are no serious risks to themselves by participating in any recreational activity within the park. If you have a health condition which may affect your personal risk in participating in our activities it is your responsibility to advise our staff at reception prior to purchasing a ticket.

You will be refused entry of the park or removed from the premises if you are under the influence of any drug or alcohol, displaying any violent or inappropriate behaviour and seem as though you may be of harm to yourself, staff or other consumers of the park.

You are responsible for any property you bring within the park premises. THE PLATFORM NORTHLAKES PTY LTD (ABN: 71 621 835 470) trading as Revolution Trampoline Sports Park (referred to as Revolution Sports Park) is not held accountable for any loss or damage for items left unattended, lost or stolen.

Late arrival at the Revolution Sports Park premises may result in forfeiture of the Product. In such an event, Revolution Sports Park will not provide any refund.


Grip Socks are compulsory for use on all of our equipment. Grip Socks from other facilities are accepted otherwise they can be purchased from us for $3.00 at reception.

Participants under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult in all areas of the park. For children under 18 months a parent must purchase a supervising parents pass at the discounted rate of $5.00 (which gives them access to all of the equipment their child is on) and remain by their side at all times. For an experience more tailored towards toddlers please check out our Kids Playgroup class.

On weekends and during school holidays, sessions run on the hour. We recommend booking online to secure your slot and arriving 20 minutes prior to the hour. If you don’t arrive before the session starts you will lose some time or be asked to join in the next session (subject to availability).

Children under the age of 13 must have an adult present in the park at all times.

Monday to Friday, Classes are run in various areas of the park. Access to the Airtrack, Performance arena and Long Trampoline may be limited at certain times. We recommend calling prior to attending at these times to confirm availability.

External foods are not permitted inside our facility outside of BYO parties. If you have any dietary or health requirements please contact our park staff ahead of time.

To participate you must first agree to the Terms and Conditions. This also requires you to provide contact information when booking in and by refusal to provide these details you will not be permitted to participate in activities inside our facility.

You will be personally liable for any damage caused to our property as a result of actions made by you or someone in your care.

Behaviour such as explicit language will not be tolerated as we are a family friendly environment. You will be asked to leave the facility if your behaviour is considered to be hostile towards staff or other customers.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months and cannot be used at our cafe.

For any complaints or feedback we kindly ask that you contact us on the day to attempt to resolve any issues as it is our aim to create a positive experience for every customer that walks through the door. If we do not resolve it on the day please send us an e-mail to and we will ensure that it is escalated to the relevant parties to ensure we communicate with you and attempt to resolve any issues.


Care should be taken in ensuring the product is correct for you prior to purchase or making a deposit as no refunds will be given for any of the following: customer dissatisfaction, misunderstanding, cancellation or any other reason(s). In the event a booking has been made and you are unable to attend, we will offer the same value in a store credit to use at another time.

Parties and events all require deposits of 50% to secure and confirm the booking (100% for online). Bookings made without a deposit are considered pending orders that will be deleted or overwritten if other customers wish to reserve the same time slot and pay a deposit. In the event a deposit has been paid and you wish to cancel the booking well in advance of the date booked we may offer a partial or full refund depending on how much notice you give. With 24-72 hours’notice you will receive 50% of your deposit back, between 4-13 days’notice you will receive 75% of your deposit back, between 14-27 days’notice you will receive 90% of your deposit and with 28 days notice or greater you will receive the entire amount. Alternatively and up to the discretion of the business you may exchange the full value of the booking for a store credit to be used at another time (change the date of the party/event at no penalty).


Please confirm that the date and time you would like are available and secure your booking before sending out invitations

Full payment is required upon arrival before wristbands can be handed out.

Bookings require a 50% deposit. Any without a deposit may be booked over or deleted from our system.

The minimum notice period to book a party is 6 days for online bookings. If you would like to make a last minute booking we may be able to accommodate you if you call us via our dedicated party line to see what options are available.

Please note that tiny tot parties are limited to the Kiddies Playground and Kids Trampoline Area. Participants under this party type will not be allowed to enter the Main Arena, Performance Arena or Dunk Lanes. Younger participants can gain access to these arenas in addition to the kids arenas by booking a general party.

Parties are not permitted to bring alcohol or drugs into the facility for consumption.

Jugs of water, lighter and knife for the cake are available from the cafe on the day.

Any special dietary requirements need to be advised to staff as early as possible prior to the booking date.

Food catered parties require a payment for a minimum of 10 participants.

All food and drink items are brought out at the end of the activities. Once all the activities are finished you have 40 minutes left in the party room after which cafe staff will start to clean up for the next booking.

All food, drink, crockery, cutlery, lighter and knife are provided, party rooms are already pre-decorated. Cake and party bags are not provided by default but are available for add on.

Any other foods you would like to bring along for participants or parents are welcome.

Leftover food may be taken home, takeaway boxes are available.

At the completion of the 1 or 2 hours of activities, participants will not be allowed back on the equipment as the activity time has expired. The party time remaining is for consuming food.

Food is only to be consumed by participants at the conclusion of activities.

Party invitations are available for pickup in store. Alternatively, they are available for download in the confirmation email sent from our booking system.

For general parties that are awaiting their photograph please allow up to 14 business days.


BYO bookings allow you to bring any food and drink into the park excluding drugs and alcohol.

BYO parties have dedicated reserved tables, all decorations are to be provided by the customer.

Food is only to be consumed by participants of the party at the conclusion of activities.


Bookings are essential! All classes have limited participation and once the limit has been reached on a class we will not accept any more bookings. Inversely if there is a class that has no bookings, we may at our discretion remove the class from the day which means that we will not accept walk-ins on the day.

Cancellations for classes must be made within 48 hours of the class time after which no refund can be issued. Please ensure that the class time suits your schedule and otherwise if you have a chance to notify us immediately by calling us on 0404 487 950 or alternatively emailing us at with your order number and any special requests.

Grip Socks are a mandatory requirement of participating in any activities within our facility and this includes classes. Grip Socks from other parks will be accepted and if required are available for purchase for $3.00 from reception.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the class to ensure that the wristband can be processed and handed out in time and no part of the class is missed. As the class timetable is strict we cannot delay a class for any late participants.

During the time participants are in class, parents are welcome to leave as the participants are fully supervised. Parents who choose to do so must keep their phone on and with them in case of any emergencies. Parents must be in the facility before and after class, including any paid additional jump time as they are no longer in the care of the teacher.

Participants in classes are only allowed to be on the equipment during the class times, not before or after. We do however encourage participants to practice the skills they have learnt and provide a discounted general pass of over 70% for them to use! For just $5 participants are free to use the equipment before and after for an hour instead of the regular price of $17.50.

Parents or family members of participants in class are entitled to receive a 40% discount on our general pass. It’s a great way to pass the time and get fit while your child or sibling trains!


Discounts made to group bookings prior to the booking date may be cancelled or revoked by us at any time at our discretion.

Tentative discounts offered to group bookings on a discretionary basis will always be confirmed in writing via e-mail to the customer along with the stipulations required for the customer to qualify for the discount. Failure to comply with any of the stipulations laid out by us on the booking date will result in the tentative discount structure deemed null and void and the customer will not be entitled to any discount.

All discounted group bookings are made in good faith. Any customers attempting to manipulate the system by providing false information will have their discount revoked and booking cancelled.

Groups attempting to book under a not for profit banner will be required to provide certification to verify their business status.

Care should be taken when estimating numbers. Tentative discounts are often quoted for a set number of people and should the actual number that attend on the booking date be less the required number stipulated in the email, the booking will be charged at full price with no discount. Alternatively the customer may pay the amount based on the set number of people to qualify for the discount, whichever option is cheaper for the customer.

Group bookings will always be quoted at general access prices, that is for participants over 120cm prior to any discounts being applied. This will grant group bookings with young children access to the Main Arena and Dunk lanes in addition to the kid’s playground.

Group bookings must be secured with a 50% deposit payable by either Credit Card over the phone or in person or alternatively an EFT to our bank with the order reference number included in the remittance. Group Bookings made without a deposit may be cancelled or have their discount revoked.

No Credit Accounts will be given to Group bookings, full payment must be made prior or on the day of activities when final numbers and amounts are known. No wristbands or socks will be handed out to participants prior to full payment being received.

Individual payments will not be accepted on the booking date, it is recommended to collect all of the money from your group so that it can be made in one transaction with us on the day or prior to the activities.

In the event of a cancellation the group booking deposits are subject to our refund policy stated in section 3 of our terms and conditions.


Discounts and promotional offers offered by our business may be cancelled or revoked by us at any time at our discretion.

For specific terms and conditions surrounding an offer please have a read below. If your question is not answered by reading the item’s individual term and condition please contact us via email at or alternatively calling us at 3467 2285.

Discounts and promotional offers cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and promotions unless we specify otherwise.

No split payments are permitted when using promotions in store.


Each Free Pass is valid for a single use redemption.

Free Passes are limited to our Trampoline Product.

Free Passes are limited to 1 participant.

Each Free Pass is valid for activity redemption on or before the date listed on the card. Once the time has passed the expiry date the Free Pass will be considered void and no longer valid.

Each Free Pass generated holds a unique 7 digit alphanumeric reference which should be kept private. Once the code has been used or redeemed it is no longer valid.

Free Passes cannot be used in conjunction with other offers (excluding Jump Passes).

Free Passes do not include Grip Socks.

Free Passes are only valid for 1 hour. A 2nd hour may be purchased at the discounted rate through the use of a Free Pass.

Free Passes may be redeemed online.

  1. b. 2 FOR 1 PASSES
  2. Each 2 For 1 Pass is valid for a single use redemption.

2 For 1 Passes cannot be redeemed online.

2 For 1 Passes are valid for activity redemption on or before the expiry date listed on the card. Once the time has passed the expiry date the 2 For 1 Pass will be considered void and no longer valid.

2 For 1 Passes must be physically handed to reception for redemption on the day and are valid for 2 participants at 50% cost.

2 For 1 Passes cannot be used in conjunction with other offers (excluding Jump Passes).

2 For 1 Passes do not cover or include Grip Socks.

2 For 1 Passes are limited to our Trampoline Product.


Jump Passes are given out to customers on a discretionary basis and at times may not be available.

Jump Passes contain 10 blank boxes which are stamped once per visit or pass purchased.

A Jump Pass may be shared between participants in order to fill the boxes faster however the redemption is limited to a single participant; see point 4.

Jump Passes that have been stamped 5 or 10 times will be entitled to a 50% discount or Free Entry on a participants next visit. A Jump Pass that is being redeemed is only valid for a single participant. This means that while a Jump Pass can be shared to be filled out it can only be used for a single participant.

Jump Passes must be redeemed in store and not online.

Jump Passes that have stamps and are lost cannot be replaced.


Loyalty Passes are sold for 10 or 20 visits of a dedicated product.

Loyalty Passes have no expiry for redemptions and can be used at any time subject to availability.

Loyalty passes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (excluding Jump Passes).

Loyalty Passes can be redeemed online by using the unique 7 digit alphanumeric reference listed on the card (or provided to you via e-mail or SMS).

The actual boxes on loyalty passes are only for illustrative purposes and not indicative of how many redemptions have been used. To find your balance either contact us via email or phone or alternatively enter the code into the voucher line of our online booking to see how much credit is remaining.

Loyalty passes can only be shared amongst siblings and family not across friends or groups.

Class specific loyalty passes may be shared amongst other class products but not general passes and vice versa.

No refunds will be given for loyalty passes for any reasons.

If a reference number for the loyalty pass has been lost we can retrieve the original booking by using a customer mobile or e-mail address.

For customers that have purchased loyalty passes online please allow up to 1 business day to receive your loyalty pass reference. If you require it for immediate use simply call us on 3467 2285 and we can generate one immediately for use.


Promotional codes are given out at our discretion and can be cancelled or considered void at any time.

Promotional codes are generally isolated to bookings online.

The validity of promotional codes can be checked online with our booking system prior to making any payments.

If a promotional code you believe should be valid for your booking is reading invalid please contact our staffing team via email or phone on 3467 2285 and we will work towards a resolution for you.


This website may at times display links to external websites controlled by third parties, by entering other websites any content you decide to view or purchase is done at your own risk.

Revolution Sports Park endeavour to protect financial information throughout an online transmission by providing a secure server, but cannot guarantee any event of financial loss or damage to consumers. Credit card details/personal information is to be transmitted at your own risk, in the unlikely event you believe any unauthorised use of your accounts has ensued, notify the Park and communicate with your bank accordingly.

You may be required to provide personal information in the process of an online purchase, by using this website you consent to all information recorded by the Website be retained under the Revolution Sports Park Privacy Policy.

The cost of tickets will be the prices displayed on the website and required to be paid in full prior to any involvement in park activities. All prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. Confirmation of purchase will be sent to the email address provided, if this is not received within 10 minutes it is likely the email was entered incorrectly, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

All tickets purchased for entry to Revolution Park may not be resold and only valid for the session displayed on the ticket or confirmation of purchase.

You must not use the website ( for any intention that is unlawful or conflicts with these Terms and Conditions.