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What is the duration of an unlimited pass?

The duration of an unlimited pass is 2 hours and gives you access to climb city and the trampoline arena. This is the cheapest option for anything more than an hour.

What times do your sessions start?

Our session times start on the hour, every hour. Eg: 9.00am, 10.00am, 11.00am and so on.

How do i redeem a 2 for 1 pass or sports award?

To redeem any of our promo vouchers you need to present them upon entry to the park. all passes can only be used as a walk in only, 1 promo per customer per day.


How old do you need to be to do all the activities?

We accept all ages, however for climb city you need to be 13 or over to climb unsupervised.  Our kiddies arena is for children under 130 cm and parents or supervisors only.

Do you have a cafe?

Yes we have a cafe with a full menu of your favourite foods including amazing coffee from a local boutique coffee roaster (Latitude Speciality Coffee Roasters)


What time can i arrive to set up the party?

The party host’s can arrive 10 minutes prior to the booking to set up. We recommend that the guests arrive at the time of the booking. As the party will be ready, guests can start their activity straight away.

How long do i get the party room for?

Party rooms are designated to catered parties only. You get the party room for the duration of the party plus an extra 40 minutes at the end of the activity time to eat and do birthday cake celebrations. Food will be served at the end of the activity time.

How many guests can i have in a party room?

Catered parties a have minimum booking number of 10 guests. The party rooms can fit up to 15 guests. If you have more than 15 guests we can cater for you on our mezzanine level that overlooks the entire park

Can we order more food on the day for the parents?

Yes you can order more food on the day. We also do party platters that you can order from our cafe at any time. We also hav ice-cream cakes in stock ready for any birthday occasion.